The Top Five Criteria for Choosing an Awning Company

Five important criteria should be met by awning installation companies. Make sure that the company you choose can meet the following requirements:

• Offers customers a wide range of awnings

• Personalised before and after-sales service

• The option of custom-made products, tailor-made to individual needs

• Professional installation

• Products backed by a manufacturer’s warranty

If the company you select can meet these criteria, you are on your way to a satisfactory relationship.

Wide Range of Awnings

Variety is the spice of life and that’s what you should expect from a reputable awning company. They should be able to offer different types of awnings with manual or motorised options that are suitable for every residential and commercial property.

Manual versus motorised

These options are often dictated by client budgets. Motorised awnings that slide open and shut will cost more than those that are manually operated. However, it is not always necessary to opt for a remote control unit, especially when the awning is small and can easily be adjusted manually.

Remote Control awnings

Awnings can be retracted or extended across the entertainment area with the push of a button.

Manual awnings

Awnings encased in powder-coated aluminium offer a longer lifespan. These can be operated manually to extend or retract across the outside entertainment. Manual operation is the insertion of a handle into a crankshaft that should turn the extension assembly easily.

Retractable awnings

Retractable awnings are very popular because they can be custom-made to suit any size or shape of an outdoor entertainment area. These awnings are suited to both residential and commercial properties, offering overhead shelter night and day.

Fixed awnings

Often, the outdoor area selected for an entertainment zone is suited to a permanent form of shelter, such as a fixed awning. This can be a structure attached to an outside wall with an awning that stretches outwards and rests on supporting poles. The fixed awning can also be freestanding, with relevant supports cemented into the ground, for areas such as poolside and braai zones. Louvre awnings are especially popular for this type of structure.

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